September 5, 2008

Doin' It Diff'rent

Boredom has set in. I can't do one purse hook at a time right now, so I am making six at once, all with ribbon flowers. Polyester ribbon behaves very differently than silk. Poly springs back into shape as seen here, while silk flattens under my thumb. Jane's Fabrique is having a sale so I stocked up on one yard lengths (for the second time this week). Anyway, none of the six are done. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Guess I'm just too excited to sew:

My new boss of two months gave me a raise today. As a condition of employment, he agreed to revisit my wages after six months, but he is pleased a'plenty with my part-time work (and the influence I have on him -- he's been cleaning like crazy) because he offered it four months early! Lucky me to draw wonderful people into my life, and this includes YOU who are reading this. Thank you for being here. I feel blessed.

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