September 20, 2008

Plenty Going On

According to my blog stats the ever generous SharonB of In A Minute Ago has directed a lot of readers this way -- thank you sew much, Sharon. Welcome, stitchers and lovers of stitchwork, to my sewing room!

In anticipation of my next show at Bernardo Winery, the work table is covered with pillows to be stitched closed. The air is filled with the scent of lavender and everything in my room has a light coating of dust. Tien poked his head in and found me with a blue mask over my face. He left almost immediately.

This is a small unstuffed pillow, about 5" x 6". I have resisted putting it into inventory because of the embroidery. Even though the fabric has stains, someone will buy it and I'm not ready to let go (if ever).

This is a large image -- click on it to see finely detailed work. This was part of a kimono. Some lucky lady once had a beautiful garment.

Every once in a while a pillow just won't sell. This was one of them. The fabric is lovely (to me), but compared to the vintage Chinese brocades and Japanese kimono fabrics, it's quite boring. I even spruced it up with vintage glass beads, but no takers. Oh well, guess I'll snip off the beads and move on. (ARGH, that's a close-up of my hand and I had to Photoshop out the hang nails and dry cuticles.)

Remember the catnip quilts? Enough, I've decided. I don't want to make anymore -- what to do with one pound of catnip remaining? Coppelia and Magellan got a new bed, but I don't think they'll get much sleep on it. Their eyes glaze over and they drool... meow, crazy!

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sharonb said...

I am pleased to know that some people came your way