September 21, 2008


I stitched all day and am relieved to get this pile finished so quickly. I love hand sewing Chinese brocade because thread disappears among the fibers. Other fabrics are very tightly woven. My sharpest needle looked as though it would break as I pushed it through with a leather thimble. I am always surprised at how tense my shoulders and upper back are when sewing and, despite frequent relaxing and stretching, was sufficiently worn out to require two naps.

This is the companion pillow to what I showed you yesterday, the keeper embroidery piece. Masami explained that the decorative six-sided box contains hamaguri, game pieces made from painted clam shells. See also the kumihimo braid painted onto the silk. I think I will have to keep both pillows.

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Sarah E. said...

What gorgeous work! It's amazing how tiring stitchi can be, thought, isn't it?!!