September 14, 2008

Salvaged Art

I spent way too long on this stitching. Couching does not come easily to me either. Overall, the design was hideous and I considered tossing it into the garbage. I put it aside to work on something else.

When I was able to give the piece more thought, I considered the "waste transformer," aka my Embellisher felting machine. Since everything is fair game (as far as textiles, anyway), I put a light layer of roving on top. The base fabric kinked up as the roving meshed and I started to like what was happening. This felting machine was an excellent purchase!!

As a last step I added the beads and felt satisfied.

I'm done designing this series of purse hook art, phew! I thought the end would never come, but here I am, still sane. After the Bernardo Winery show, I have another 36 to make, so I'm really only half done.

This roving arrived in today's mail. It came from Etsy seller sdspin who has beautiful woolen products. I put a piece through the Embellisher and it was delicious! I want to buy more, More, MORE!

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