September 8, 2008

Save Our Landfills

My new felting machine is a "waste transfomer." As long as I don't have kitchen garbage in my sewing room, there seems to be no need for a trash bin. A small amount of roving and clipped ends of embroidery floss went through the machine beautifully and out came this semblance of a bird. I tweaked the beak; all it needs are an eye and a pair of feet. I would like to embroider it too. Both sides are shown. As usual, click on the photos to see closely.

This is my next garbage pile waiting for enough thread bits to transform under the felting needles.

More purse hook art... I am relieved to say I only need to stitch a dozen more to meet my self-induced quota for the Bernardo Winery Show. It's 6 weeks away.

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