October 6, 2008

Bulletproof Sewing

I worry about small things like threads loosening. I can pretty much guarantee they won't if threads are pulled to the back and knotted. I'm overdoing it, but it gives me peace of mind. At least I'm not Fray Checking them anymore.

After sewing all those labels, then tying all those knots, I sewed red pillows. Masami will recognize sample pieces from her mother's stash. M2 will see the last bits of red silk she mailed too. Thank you, ladies, I appreciate you!

Today we celebrate two birthdays, my dear Mom -- Happy Birthday, Mommy! ...and Christine -- Happy Birthday to you too! Mom's prez will arrive by mail today (hopefully). These earrings were made just for Christine because she admired a pair I made for myself some time ago. There are pearls, iolite and spessartine garnet, with sterling silver.

I dug out a box Tien brought me after a business trip. He had seen a bead shop and stopped in to buy several pairs of silver findings, including these figures with the feminine heart cut-out. This has beads of coral, carnelian, garnet and red jasper. What a darling husband, my Tien is!

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Nancy said...

The earrings are fantastic! I love them