October 7, 2008

Cutting It Close

I'm becoming extremely concerned. The hardware for purse hooks have not arrived and my show is 12 days away. I paid for them a month ago. My supplier was out of stock but promised to send the next week. Eight days passed quietly. Three weeks after placing my order the supplier offered a refund so I could buy them somewhere else, or wait a bit more because her overseas source was sending them from China. The shipment arrived, but my order was not included -- grr! When my supplier and I last spoke, another shipment was leaving China with my order. Maybe I'll get them by this weekend, yikes. Good thing the stitch work is complete. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My favorites are the brown/black zen garden, the silver and gold embroidery and the wool flowers.

I love purple and blue. Not sure which I like best in this group.

Next I'll work on browns and rusts.

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