October 25, 2008

Just Goes to Show

I should be out sightseeing, but indoor surroundings are just as delightful: I'm surrounded by needle and thread, beads, embroidery floss, ribbon and silk. I also have my laptop with access to email, online music subcription, instant messaging and blogs to keep up with. This is the first time I've been out of San Diego County since April when we were in France and Italy, but I might as well be in the sewing room at home. Lest you think this a waste of time, creative projects are still what I love best. Besides many trips to this area, Tien and I lived in Morro Bay for a month prior to moving to San Diego. I feel no need to revisit. Tien is playing golf with his family and I will be having lunch with second-cousin Kasey. Tiny art work for purse hooks are the order of the day and I'm having a blast with my stitching. Stay tuned for photos. My only inconvenience is a lack of facilities to download digital photos.

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