October 16, 2008


This is the word the National Headache Organization uses for migraine headache sufferers. As a child I got terrible stomach aches -- my new neurologist called them abdominal migraines -- who'duh thunk it?! They were the precurser to the headaches I have had for nearly 30 years. I know precisely when a headache will hit - for me it's the fluctuation in estrogen levels. I have been taking prescription pain pills, but it is challenging to knock out a headache which has already begun. The new doc has a different approach and has prescribed preventative meds to take before the expected headache. Wish me luck. Sewing is impossible when I'm flat on my back.

Purse hooks for the show are done! I'm happy with this display. What I'm not happy with is imperfection (next image), but one of my teachers said, "Well, of course, it's handmade." I'm my harshest critic.

In 1994 before a trip to China I went to a SOMA workroom to have a custom down-filled pillow made. The air was filled with floating feathers. The seamstresses wore masks. I left with a new pillow and minute feathers up my nose.

The memory of that nose irritation made me wary of altering a square feather pillow insert to a rectangle, but I was careful and everything went smoothly. These pillows were sewn from the last of gorgeous 1940s curtains.

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