October 20, 2008

Weekend Report

Phew, a two-day show under a tent is pretty different from a one-day indoor show! Even with our nation's current economy, I'll admit I kept my fingers crossed to sell a lot and am fairly satisfied with this weekend's take. A given though was the fun I knew I'd have with Nancy in our booth. I can't imagine doing this successfully with anyone else. We are a compatible team, supportive of each other and great companions. Her quilts generated a lot of interest with her excellent use of color. We were in a center aisle with both sides open to traffic. Many people brought their dogs and we were surprised by the number of daschunds, SEVEN; more than any other breed.

This is a view of Nancy's work. The image was photo'd on Saturday when it was terribly hot and bright under the mid-day sun. The glass case containing purse hooks is on the table. The hooks absorbed so much heat that they burned my hand when showing them to potential customers!

The northern side had some shade. My appliqued yo-yo quilt got a few oohs and ahhs, but not enough to find a new home.

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