October 13, 2008


This is an edgestone for use in a garden. I bought four at $1.19 each. They will be zip-tied to legs of the 10'x10' canopy and serve as weights (15 lbs. each). I don't want Santa Ana winds giving flight to my tent like Mary Poppins's brolly.

The canvas covers I sewed are useful for two reasons: (1) so I don't scratch myself on the rough cement edges and (2) so that a potential customer's legs don't get torn up coming into my booth. I know, it's either a great idea or I'm over-thinking...

The purse hook hardware did not arrive on Saturday as hoped. What a disappointment. The original source had one problem after another. I'm glad to have found an alternate supplier who can make good on her promises.

By now, if you are on my email list, you have received the Bernardo Winery Fall Arts & Crafts Show notice. Ooh, I'm excited -- it's my first 2-day event for a new crowd in a venue I haven't done before. With our present economy, it will be interesting to see what sales will be like. Pricing lavender pillows was difficult. The cost of supplies continues upward, along with transportation charges; of course I want to keep prices low. What's a retailer to do?!

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