October 21, 2008

Who Needs Sleep?

I thought more rest would be necessary after the show weekend, but I woke up at 5a thinking about a new piece of art. Construction ideas kept me awake for an hour. Once I knew what to do, sleep returned.

Apparently the show was quite large. Nancy and I didn't stray too far from our 10x10 space, so we have no idea what was at the other end, or in any other part of the winery grounds. We sure go to a lot of craft shows, but we don't see much except our neighbors work. Check out Nancy's blog for pictures of our rearranged booth on Sunday.

Ooh, I'm *sew* excited about participating in Beate Knappe's International Ornament Swap! We are given the option to make 5, 10 or 15 ornaments, with the intention to get back as many as we provide. I want to make 15!

So many things I want to do, yippee! plus three more shows to prepare for in 2008. I need a bigger life.

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