November 20, 2008


I've misplaced my mask. Cough-cough, SNEEZE! Lavender dust wreaks havoc in my throat and nose, but I met my goal and the pillows are ready for price tagging.

My stitchin'fingers friend Ayala gave me a blog award! Blush, I'm touched, honored and humbled. Check out Ayala's blog. She's a sister-in-stitch all the way over in Holland. I continue to be amazed that friendships can be forged over such distance and with modern technology. I would like to pass it on to Jude Hill whose work inspires and awes me.


elena fiore said...

Grazie per aver incluso il mio nome tra i tuoi favoriti. Buona domenica, elena

Ayala Levinger said...

I thank the internet also for making the world smaller for me and bring artist closer to each other. It make it possible for me to learn and be inspired from others (or learn about a new book that comes out..)
hey, I also bought my sewing machine on the internet:-))