November 15, 2008

Dear FRCC Ladies

Dear Fairbanks Ranch Country Club ladies who attended the Holiday Extravaganza Luncheon, thank you for your purchases. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again at the Spring FRCC event. Until we meet again, happy holidays!

The guests weren't the only ones shopping. The vendors were too. I haven't added to my collection of hearts in years, so this beautiful pink glass one came home with me. It's from the studio of Cherrie LaPorte and Garry Cohen. They are having a their 11th Semi Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Sale, complete with a glass blowing exhibition.

One of my neighbors was Susan Kirchmer, a pottery artist whose work I love. When you go to her website, check out the "memory keeper" vessels. Suspended from the lid is a smaller pot to keep written "commitments, promises, well wishes, and even regrets," as Susan suggests. WONDERFUL!

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