November 24, 2008

Dear TAS Friends

Dear Talmadge Art Show friends, I was glad to see you! I enjoyed sharing stories and hearing reports of enjoyment from purchases. I'm glad for the calmness the lavender pillows provide to you. Your curiousity and interest in my craft is lovely to my ears and I love that you read my blog. Thank you especially for your purchases -- it's the icing on my cake. Happy holidays and see you again in May.

My buddy Nancy Tyrell had a booth nearby. Her quilts are so much fun.

Hmm, should I take a break now? YEP! Actually, bro-in-law Kuanza will leave for a new job in Shanghai after Thanksgiving and he requested clothing repairs before he goes. Little does he know, I'm making a little wall hanging for him to be presented very soon. To be shared here, for sure!

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