November 2, 2008

Fall Back

Did I get an extra hour of sleep or did I arise early? In any case, I took a break from inventory sewing to make ornaments for (my felting hero) Beate Knappe's International Ornament Swap. We 15 participants have been given the opportunity to make 5, 10 or 15 ornaments, and getting back as many as we put in. I thought 10 would be too many and settled on making 5. But that was before I got going. Soon there were 10; not long after, 15. SEW MUCH FUN! Inspiration came from folk art applique penny rugs. Also, Morna Crites-Moore's art is truly breathtaking (gallery and blog). While felting wool roving on the felting machine, I kept hearing the word "organic" over and over in my head. It's my new favorite word in hopes of breaking out of my world of structure and order. I feel I've succeeded with these ornaments. They just need an ABC Rags label and a hanging loop before sending off to Germany where Beate is managing the swap.


Nancy said...

Very nice,not what I expected. I do like Morna Crites-Moore's work, inspiration to complete the penny rug I started many years ago. I will have to dif it out of the closet at some poit today. Thanks.

Morna said...

My goodness! Thank you both, Lauren and Nancy! I am so happy to think that you are "out there" liking my work. :-)

Robin said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I'm really happy it led me here. You have lots of fun work--I love what you do with felt, especially these ornaments and the gift tags!