November 22, 2008

Felting Fun

I made these ornaments for people who have been generous of heart with me. As I make them, my warmth goes into every stitch. One went to my pal Anita during lunch but I forgot to photo it -- it was a tiny yellow and purple handbag-shaped ornament.

See this glob of yarn, thread snips and lavender wool roving? The thread ends came from everything I've sewed, embroidered and knitted during the past few months. I put them under the seven needles of my felting maching and out came...

...THIS! I'll show you the rest later. I have plans to embroider and bead it. I still had a LOT of thread ends left and felted them too with bright yellow roving. Here's a preview. I ADORE this machine -- I want to wrap it in a blanket and sleep with my arms around it. Okay, that sounds really bizarre.


Anonymous said...

I Love the yellow! What fun.

Ayala Levinger said...

Beautiful! I love the yellow also!
funny, I just wrote in my blog how meditating felting with the machine is:-)))

Patty said...

Just received my felt ornament in the mail today. This is so cool, and I just had to check out your blog. You have some beautiful things here. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and I hope you are enjoying the book. Best to you and yours. Patty