November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Ya know those holiday ornaments I made? Here's a close-up. I know, not very red and green, but that is the point.

I made a "thank you" magnet for someone whose first initial is "B". I hope she likes it! It's wool and size 15 seed beads stitched on a bed of felted yellow mohair, about 2"x2".

I need to get cracking on purse hooks. They are such a pleasure to make that time carries me away and, all too soon, the day has ended. Working faster takes the fun away and turns stitching into a job -- I'll have to resolve the "need" to maximize my earning potential. While researching needlework books, I found something on beaded embroidery. A light went off in my head and I didn't need the book after all. The outside border is a chain stitch.

Sometimes one of our four legged creatures gets in the way of stitching, but I welcome her company.

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