November 12, 2008

Holding Out

You know I knit caps for chemotherapy patients, right? Knitting them is such a part of my life -- they just get done and stockpiled. This is what I've completed with Mom's yarn while watching TV since my last donation to Moore's Cancer Center at UCSD.

On my way home from the office (which is one block from the Pacific Ocean), I stopped to take this picture. No fancy camera work, no special settings and no retouching. Only Mother Nature doing what she does best. Fall sunsets leave me awestruck.

Masami went to visit Enryaku Temple at Mt. Hiei. It is in Shiga Prefecture in Japan, and a train ride north from Osaka where she lives. Mother Nature is doing her thing on the other side of the Pacific and it's breathtaking! Our next trip to Japan will definitely be during Autumn.

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