November 29, 2008

I'm So Short...

... (a) I can play handball against the curb, (b) I have to jump up to look down, and (c) all my pants have to be hemmed up. I love that my circa 1991 Bernina 1130S sewing machine has a cover stitch for stretch fabrics. This was useful for shortening new sweatpants and PJs. Tien's jacket needed new elastic too. Plenty of practical stitching going on here, even after Kuanza left for Shanghai. My father-in-law has offered to take Kuan's place in the will-you-fix-my-clothes-for-me department, and has been kind enough to wait a bit before giving me his slacks to repair.

Poppalina, one of my fav blogs, posted this image and now I want to redo my doll wall (when I get to it I will post before/after images). The image is from Danny Mansmith's Flickr, but visit his studio -- it's fun and will keep your eyes busy for a long time.

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