November 19, 2008

Nose To The Grindstone (still)

After the private luncheon event on Friday, I said I was going to rest. That meant not sewing anymore inventory. Lo and behold, I found those three last Wish Dolls to work on in case Montez comes to my booth on Sunday looking for them (a fun and fabulous customer with her 'sister' Francheska, equally fun and fabulous), plus I discovered a partial bag of loose lavender which I had to use up before the end of the season. I managed to fill another 38 pillows from a pile already stitched and ready for stuffing. Some are tiny pilows -- those go fast. By fast I mean they sell out within the first hour at my regular shows. I made lots of medium-small pillows too, just in case. With this economy, I'd like to have something within everyone's budget. After Sunday's show, maybe then I can take a break until the following show on December 6th.

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