November 13, 2008

Showing Off

Now comes my favorite part, sharing the finished stitch-work. I love this array because it's bright and happy. What you don't see are the stitch-works adhered to purse hook hardware -- I haven't figured out how to photograph shiny metal without interference from reflections.

Here are a few more.

These little pouches come with each purchase. Last thing to do before Friday's show is to sew ABC Rags labels to them. These keep purse hooks safe from everything else in a woman's handbag.

My newest trick is to use a syringe for applying glue. It not only places adhesive into tiny spots, it also keeps the contents of the large bottle from drying out. The downside is glue-sniffing is unhealthy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they are gorgeous!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Did you make the pouches yourself? If so, is there a pattern somewhere that I could look at?? I have some great oriental fabrics that I want to make into small purses, but am still looking for more designs etc.