November 11, 2008

So Little!

These are so small! WIth edges turned under, they are less than 1.25" at their widest. Chinese silk brocade is the fussiest due to firmness and fraying. Phew, only a few more to do.

Today is Veteran's Day, a day that makes me think, in particular, of our Greatest Generation because of my father's wartime service. I've always loved this photo of my dad, Corporal George Chong, flanked by two members of his B-17 training crew. The blonde on the left was the radio operator and the guy on the right was the co-pilot. Dad was the ball turret gunner -- at 5'3" he was the perfect size for the position under the belly of the plane. This image was taken in May 1945 at Rapid City Army Air Force Base in Iowa. My Dad is adorable.

PS from Dad: "I forgot to mention that a bunch of us old men veterans all over 80 years young are meeting in an Alameda restaurent for lunch. After lunch we plan to visit the aircraft carrier Hornet. We will be able to get on board free by showing some sort of identification that we are veterans of WWII. I will wear a borrowed "Eisenhower" jacket with staff sargent stripes and my Ball turret wings." I'm so proud of him, sigh!

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