November 4, 2008

Vote = Hope

My cherished pal Sadie sent this photo of her hubby Irwin Lum (left), president of SF's Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, along with his vice president, Rafael Cabrera (right) and Barack Obama, with hope, our next President of the United States. You go, IRWIN! The image was taken at a meeting in SF when Obama met with labor leaders in May 2008. I was so excited about this photo that I forgot to ask Sadie what they talked about! I know the bonds of friendship run deep when I can pick up the phone to call a good friend and it's as if the year in between never passed. That's how it is with Sadie and me.

The anticipation of this historic election is killing me. I've already told Tien to let me sleep through tomorrow (I voted by mail) and wake me when all the votes are in.

If you have not already, go vote. It's important.
Obama/Biden, NO on 4 and NO on 8!

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