December 10, 2008

400th Post Giveaway

Wow, I've been here four hundred times. It's a milestone for me!

I didn't think I'd last this long. At first the idea of blogging seemed vain. Why would I want to put my stuff out there? Who would read it? Who would I want reading it? Then, why do I care? So, even after arguing with myself, I still liked the idea and decided it would be a diary to keep track of my sewing room output. I'll try it. As it was, I'd been keeping track of my work in paper journals for years. This would be better - there'd be pictures. And if anyone stopped by for a visit, great. People sometimes ask, "What're you working on?" and I could refer them to my blog (aka too-lazy-to-explain-more-than-once or here-lemme-show-you).

Once I started, I was concerned I'd run out of things to say, or the act of writing would become a chore, or I couldn't post as often as I intended. But I continue to sew, which requires photographs, which requires explanations. I'll never stop sewing, so here I am, at Post 400.

I know some have been here since the beginning (Mom, Jac, Jo, Hiromi, Nacy, Masami). Many pop by quietly, regularly and/or occasionally... (blog stats give me clues, heh-heh-heh). Doesn't matter! As explained before, I'd be doing this no matter what. BUT IT'S WAY MORE FUN WITH YOU HERE -- thank you for allowing me to share!

Because you've become part of my journey and maybe find pleasure in one way or another in my words and images, I would love to offer something to you, you and you, this blue Secret Keeper doll. Small problem, I only have one left. All you, you and you have to do is leave a comment in this post. After five days I will choose a random number from among the comments and she'll be on her way to her new home. I'll ask for your address later.

Here's the deal about a Secret Keeper doll. You know how someone will tell you a secret and you're not supposed to tell? I know, bursting sometimes, right? So, tell the doll. The Secret Keeper keeps it buttoned up (see mouth) and she symbolically keeps it in the pocket hidden underneath her jacket. FAQs: No, it's not a cultural thing; Yes, I made it up. Shh, don't tell.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
Congratulations on your 400th!
I've been enjoying reading your blog regularly - as you know!
"If you post it, we will come."

Ayala Levinger said...

Congratulation Lauren,
wow 400 posts! I went to check and found out I have less than 60:-))))
The idea behind the Secret Keeper doll is brilliant and she is so beautiful. I came here after all after falling for your dolls in stitchinfingers and found an inspiring artist and blogger. Thank you.

Sharon said...

Well, I've bought your lavender pillows...and I was intrigued by this contest. I've been pretty good at keeping secrets most of my the point of friends being surprised that I didn't even tell my husband...but with age, who knows, I could start slipping. Congrats on your soul journey to being who you want to be. Point is you're not responsible if somebody else cares about what you're only matters that you're enjoying what you're doing! You just have to trust your heart...and if it was a sure thing...where would the fun be in that? Life is an adventure...none of us know what lies around a corner that we choose to turn...and that's the wonder of life!

Wendy said...

Wow 400 post! That is something to celebrate! I love your little doll she is fabulous. I really enjoy looking at your blog. Wendy

Jodie said...

Congratulations Laur!! What an awesome milestone. I will be here until your 4000th post and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! I miss San Diego and seeing you and your quilts! Good luck on your shows and say "hi" to Nancy for me!
Congrats on 400 blogs!
Ellen Patton

Anonymous said...


I am here because you left a comment elsewhere.
Congratulations on your 400th post!
(I am still trying to convince myself that I have any time to keep a blog.)

The Secret Keeper Doll is beautiful!
I love her bolero jacket, as well as her buttoned lips.


Masami said...

Congratulations, Lauren !
I've been enjoying your blogs and looking forward to seeing your new works!The seacret keeper doll is very pretty!
And thank you for sharing my pictures on your blogs! I will send you good ones from Japan as long as your blog continues...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lauren,
I'm a new client & fell in love with your pink floral basket.
Really enjoy your blog & new creations.

Deb said...

Hi Lauren! Congratulations on your blogging milestone! I love your Secret Keeper doll = } Thanks for the fantabulous giveaway!!

Sarah said...

400!!! I just can't believe it.. I've been here in spirit, not always commenting/answering, but definitely following and admiring you and your work day after day after day... The miles apart do not diminish our friendship.. and I miss you and our other buddies lots and lots! What an inspiration you are!!! Love ya.

Yabai said...

I want the DOLL!!! GIVE me the DOLL!!! Hi Laur!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 400th post Lauren! I am very happy that you are pursuing your passion with so much success! You are an inspiration and give me hope that there will be a time for the pursuit of my passions (whatever they may be) soon! Your friend, Diane

Anonymous said...

Congrats on #400!!!You know what an inspiration you have been to me; I never would have gone down this path without your encouragement and support. Thanks for leading the way.

Duhg said...

haha, so you see, I finally figured out how to leave a post in the right place -- DUHg! (with just a little help from you)

Duhg said...

who me . . . yes I am your SECRET admirer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren - your blog is awesome... our daughter Mason loves looking at your site - hopefully we'll hit one of your shows sometime soon.

Pam, Steve, Mason & Russell