December 31, 2008

The End Is Near

My grim title was supposed to be funny only because it refers to the end of yet another year. Can you believe it already?!! Time flies when I'm having fun and, even though the evening news is mostly negative these days, right now I want to think about the positive events of 2008. Let's make the best of it!

Maybe you'll recall brief mentions of my Egyptian friend Omneya. Her birthday was a few days ago and I sent her a congratulatory email. She wrote back to say a package was on it's way to me and, omgosh, what timing -- it was in our mailbox only a few hours later! This necklace (and a tree ornament too) made my day. Knowing Omneya put it together, and knowing she shops at bead stores in Kahn al-Khalili market, add to its beauty. Wearing it feels like a long distance hug from this dear friend. My goodness, it was her birthday and I'M getting a present!

Omneya is another kindred spirit. We have so much in common that it's scary. Of course, she sews too -- you had to ask?! We discovered our many similarities when Tien and I visited Egypt in 2005. She and my bro-in-law Kuan worked together in Cairo. Omneya has a heart of gold and I think of her as my sister. She wears gorgeous, ethnic silver jewelry. Whenever we got together, she had on such interesting pieces. I should ask her to photograph herself everyday for a week just so I can visit her and her jewelry.

A bonus of Omneya's package were the Egyptian stamps. Aren't they wonderful?! I'll soak them off the envelope to paste into a scrapbook.

I got new books, LOTS of new books, for Christmas this year. Thought you might be interested in the titles! I'll be reading a lot in between sleeping off this cold/flu which seems to be taking over. Happy New Year to you and best wishes for the next 365 days!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I know you will enjoy these for years to come.