December 8, 2008

Gift Tags

Me, "I'm going upstairs to do a little sewing."
He, "But you don't have any more shows!"
Me, "I know. I just feel like stitching."
He, "Oh..."
This was a conversation in our household.

One of the things that kept me from selling my work was the idea of being a salesperson. I was unwilling to take on that role because it didn't feel honest. It turned out this was not the way to think! There is no acting involved here. It seems too simple: All I have to do is stand behind my table filled with my stitchery and BE MYSELF. How easy is that? And fun too! This was advice from my art show mentor, Esther Kodama. I learned a lot from Esther. After a two hour discussion, I saw that I could do this. And I have been.

A few more gift tags to embellish and I'm done! Maybe some rough jute for hanging?

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Eliane Zimmermann said...

Hello Lauren today our kind postman Billy brought the big envelope from Beate. As you joined the ornamentswap from Beate and will get a parcel as well: Probably there is my holly in your ornamentswapbunch (this was my first swap so I didn't consider to attach labels), the story behind the holly you can read on my new blog I love my bunch, everything is so gorgeous!!! Cheers from Ireland, Eliane