December 15, 2008

Last Day for Giveaway

Have you left a comment in Tuesday's post for the Secret Keeper giveaway? I'll be randomly picking a number at 9p PST this evening. Originally I was going to pick "in five days," but hardly anyone commented (boo hoo, wah!). C'mon people, even those of you who are my relatives -- you can COMMENT!

Thanks to inspiration by Jennifer Heynan at Art Bead Scene, I made these earring cards in Word 2007. My pal Christine, a nurse, offered to sell my earrings at her hospital and I thought they'd better look professional. Christine is a dear pal to support me this way! She tells me she loves to sell. Thought you'd like to see earrings in process too.

1 comment:

Duhg said...

Hey, Lauren. Are you keeping a secret from me?? Like, when are you coming to visit for the Holidays? Sadie mentioned something about getting together at my place while you are here but wasn't sure when? I'm home alone for the holidays (Jorge is off to Mexico for 6 weeks!) so I'm available anytime you are. Let me know when you and Tien plan to be here. Can't wait to see you . . .