December 9, 2008

Last of the Gift Tags

Stitching is done; just waiting for purchases I made to arrive, then wrap. I have always loved gift wrapping -- something about folding the paper down smoothly at the ends of a box to secure the surprise inside. Before moving to San Diego, my self-assigned job was wrapping Mom's/Dad's gifts. I also did this for my friend Gene-O (he's ABC, not Italian), however, he managed to wrap my prez on his own.

The next post will be my 400th. Do you want a Secret Keeper doll?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I would dearly love to have a Secret Keeper doll, your last one. I am exactly that person the dolls were made for--knowing something only one other person knows just kills me! The secret torments me trying to get out and I have to, as Seinfeld said "lock it in the vault!" or Maybe it was George who says that. But anyway, I admire your artistry so much and I would finally have something you made for myself. Everything else I gave away as art piece gifts.