December 18, 2008

This Cracks Me Up

Heeheehee, hahaha, Ho Ho Ho! I found a project to make with a spool knitter, other than one long skinny who-knows-what. The wine-scarf wasn't my idea, but I did make this myself. Similar ones are shown with matching hats -- that might be next.

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Anonymous said...


Have a look at

The Innocent drinks company donates 50 pence for each hat knit for one of their bottles (of fruit juice? We don't have them around here in Canada.) The 50 p goes to Age Concern, which looks after the warmth of the elderly in the winter - providing hot meals, heating tips, blankets, etc.

They had some hat patterns online last year too. Maybe you can find one that goes along with your spool knit scarf.

It's a fun website to look at - and there are some great hat designs that have been passed in.
This November 5th to December 5th fundraiser has been going on for a couple of years, and has grown exponentially.

Perhaps they will take foreign outfits - of hats and scarves - next year?