December 2, 2008

While the Cats Are Away

Yes, that's plural. In a few days one boss leaves for London. A week later the other boss leaves for Beijing. Soon I will be hawking my wares at Carmel Valley Artists (see Monday's post). So while the cats are away, I'll be taking it easy. It means I can start preparing for the holidays with my family.

Relief will be nice after preparing for this season's selling events. Though my two part-time office jobs amount to ~20 hours and allow many free hours to create, I still put the pressure on to produce my best stitchery and it can still be exhausting. I was waking up too early, despite retiring at 2a the night before. Now that I have enough inventory to get me through the final 2008 show, I am having no trouble getting a full eight hours.

In 2009, my show schedule will be different. I haven't figured out how, but the stress level has to change. Tien suggested I do less shows and be very selective about the ones I choose. In addition, home shows by appointment, Etsy sales, Ebay sales and mail order are always options. Wow, I guess this means my business has grown! Thank you for listening to me ramble.

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