January 22, 2009

11 Months Early

...or one month too late! These winter hat and scarf sets for wine bottles will be for sale during holiday shows. Next project is a quilted Christmas tree skirt which has been on hold for several years. Nancy will know exactly which one I'm referring to! Maybe the edges will have felt stars or yo-yos instead of standard double-faced bias binding.

I got an email notice about a new sewing magazine. Can a seamstress ever have enough sewing magazines?! No sirreee, esp when it's SF-based! The premier issue is a free download. It contains an article about my beloved Britex Fabrics on Geary Boulevard in SF. Before we moved to SD, Britex was pretty much the only store where I bought textiles and the reason for three huge containers of gorgeous woolen yardage still in my closet.

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Anonymous said...

I hit something wrong on my keyboard and my words are no more. So I will repeat myself ...

Those are beautiful! And not a moment too soon - every wine bottle needs a little cover-up.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca