January 28, 2009

Every Little Bit

Sewing is cutting up fabric and stitching it back together. A frugal seamstress saves scraps and makes use of the remnants. Almost every scrap can be fashioned into something. Even the skinniest piece can be woven into a project. For instance, pal Nancy knitted her scraps of quilting cotton.

After cutting the circular tree skirt from a square quilt, the corners were still useful. I cut 2" circles and am blanket stitching the edges. Pretty cute with buttons, right? They'll be strung together for a 12' garland. Unfortunately, there's only enough for 7'.

I still had the edges from the square quilt, because the back/batt were larger than the top. Two parts of a quilt sandwich remained: the flannel back and the batting. Shopping my stash, I dug out more holiday fabric to complete the 3 layers. Here's my rookie attempt at machine quilting. Pretty bad, but with practice, it can be better. Part of the problem was using red thread on red fabric -- I couldn't see where I was going! Gotta work on that...

I am nearly done binding the edge of a little girl's quilt, 34" x 34".

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