January 13, 2009


I love going into Needlenook of La Jolla. The plethora of thread colors and textures is out of this world! Too bad my poor photography doesn't do the threads justice... Thanks to my cousin Jodie, I had a shopping spree. Jo, you were with me the entire time I was choosing goodies. I know you'll be on my mind again when I work with my new threads too.

In the store, Pat, one of the friendly ladies who works there, got my attention. During my last visit more than a month ago, she and I shared stories. This time Pat said she had something for me. When she brought out a book in a slipcover, my eyebrows went up. When I read the author's name, my jaw dropped and I nearly shrieked. You know how I love old books, right? So does Pat. This is Pearl S. Buck's translation of a 14th century Chinese story, illustrated by a Mexican painter who, like Buck, fell in love with China. The book is from 1948 with pages that now have that lovely time-worn yellow patina. Tucked inside were two newsletters from the Heritage Club, one of which describes their special printing of this book with the color illustrations. Ooh, I feel so blessed by Pat for the surprise present and by Jodie for letting me go nuts in one of my favorite stores. What a lovely day!

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