January 11, 2009

I Can't Count

I was so happy to finish 24 hats, until I recounted and found only 23. Faux pompoms were made by fashioning tassels and cutting them super-short.

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Anonymous said...

At least you are up to double digits when you get mixed up. This morning I was trying to convince DH that the sum of 2 pairs of pants (present from my aunt) + 2 pairs of pants (present from DH) equaled 5 pairs of pants.
Please note that I lost that discussion.

What pattern are you using for your wine bottle caps? Are they any relation to the knitted caps for Innocent smoothie/juice bottles?

Details of the Innocent company's bottle hat fundraiser is here: http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/thebigknit/
This second annual fundraiser, which ended in November, was to raise money for Age Concern, a charity that "support(s) older people in the winter months." The money provided from each little hat received goes toward "services that support older people in winter, including hot meals, room thermometers, warm blankets, safety checking electric blankets, and advice on how to handle rising energy costs." (That's in England, where "almost 25,000 older people died of cold-related illnesses last winter.")

The Innocent hats fundraiser has spread to Denmark, Sweden and Ireland too.

There are basic hat patterns on the details page above. And the Ireland Innocent blog has a few hat patterns, as well as a few recipes.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(Sorry this is so long.)