January 15, 2009

Laziness Breeds Inventiveness

I'm not really a knitter, except when I'm knitting, and making tiny red/white scarves on a spool got old. This gadget promises to crank them out so I can be done with it! Reviews say it's a bit fussy, making color changes out of the question for me. I'll share when it arrives from Lacis.

One of my dolls came back to roost temporarily. It's nice to see an old friend! Her new "mom" returned her so she could be put on a stand. After she leaves (again), I'll have Empty Nest Syndrome.

Decoupage is messy and gooey, so I prefer making a whole bunch of doll stands because I'll need them soon enough. I tore up a $1 French novel (the bookseller's shelf is on the sidewalk!) into bits/pieces and pasted them randomly. I like torn edges, but you can be sure only non-valuable books get this abuse.

Three done; seven more to paste.

My sister and her S.O. Scott sent me these beaded ornaments! They graced a Christmas tree in Scott's floral business and, even though we zoomed through for a quick visit, these caught my eye. Wow, they have spectacular goods at Ah Sam. All that creativity going on there; yikes, makes me crazy.

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Ayala Levinger said...

funny, I am also busy at the moment covering something with torn pieces of old books!!