January 27, 2009

Samuel's Beethoven

My cousin Cheryl wrote to me about her son's awesome cloth doll. Samuel learned to sew with this project. He was assigned a school project to make a puppet for a biography book report for 3rd grade. Of course, he chose a musical person for his report, since he loves music so much. He used an inkjet printer to print the face on muslin. Then using felt and more muslin, he freezer- paper-sewed the body together. Then he added a felt jacket (which required two quick seams, and two buttons), and a red scarf. Beethoven is topped with a grey yarn wig from Laur's yarn collection (thanks Laur!). We just read the Wikipedia on Beethoven, and he was indeed a conductor, so Samuel is going to make a stick for his hand.

He did such a great job!!!!! For perspective, this is Cheryl's adult-sized violin. Of course, Samuel's violin is smaller, and he is the beautiful child in the front/center. Cheryl is my kindred spirit. She is a needlewoman and a darn good one at that. Her quilts are beautiful. She is adept at dyeing fabric, something I won't touch, esp after the Rit Dye shower scene in Private Benjamin.

After I-don't-know-how-many-years, this 34" Christmas tree skirt is finished. Yippee, something to add to inventory! While working on it, I discovered a new holiday recording by one of my favorite musicians, the cellist Yo-Yo Ma. There is enough non-winter music on it to listen year-round.

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