January 4, 2009

Under the Weather

Two of my closest friends remarked on my lack of recent posts. This cold has done me in! Despite feeling crappy, I managed to complete these. Knitting only requires movement of my fingers; not much happens above the wrists when I hold the right needle like a pencil. I met my initial goal of 12 hats in red and white. Not very Santa-ish, but I wonder if green and white hats will sell? I'll try 6 of them.

Tien and I watched Mongol, a Russian production on the early life of Genghis Khan. What a difficult life it seemed to be! If you love rich visuals like I do, this is a gorgeously-shot movie. The scenery is beautiful and so are the people. With bro-in-law Kuan(za) in Shanghai now, we have been talking about a trip to Mongolia in May. We watched with subtitles. Do you understand the Mongolian language?

I also watched Wives and Daughters, a four-part BBC mini-series. The BBC excels at these productions -- my sister and I adore period books and movies. The movie was made from a book by Elizabeth Gaskell, a contemporary of Jane Austen.

Now you know how I spend my sick days.

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