January 23, 2009

Yo Yo-ing Again

I admit I don't enjoy making yo-yos. Thing is, I adore the way they turn out: round, textured, colorful, happy and playful. Clover has a clever gadget that simplifies the process, but the stitches go where Clover wants them to go, and I like stitches a little closer. This tree skirt will be bound with double-faced bias (it took Nancy and I forever to choose the right blue). It will be on the inside and the opening. Yo-yos will be on the outer edge. It's almost a shame they'll be covered with presents!

As you see, the doll is temporarily on hold. We have house guests coming from Singapore in a month and I want to get the Christmas tree skirt off the bannister and into inventory. It's been hanging there for months. It's sort of refreshing to work on Christmas items in January, right after MLK and just before Chinese New Year.

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