February 10, 2009


Pretty soon I'll share another finished quilt! Lest you think I can churn out new work within just a few days, I pieced this Kaleidoscope quilt in 2003. Ellen Patton machine quilted it in 2006. Since then, it has been in a pile of unfinished work, AND I'M THRILLED TO SAY THERE'S ONLY ONE MORE TO DO AFTER THIS!

It took four to five hours to cut fabric into bias strips, stitch them together, then press and sew to the edge. The quilt will be for sale.

My favorite hand-sewing trick bears repeating: pull thread through beeswax, put thread into paper bag, iron bag on low setting to melt wax, wind thread onto empty spool. The wax strengthens the thread, keeps it from twisting and it sews wonderfully. The amount of thread needed for hand-stitching is 1.5 times the four edges.

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