February 13, 2009

Can You Die From Not Sewing?

We are having house guests next week and my sewing room will be converted to the guest room. That means I must put away my tables, machines, beads, boxes of textiles and projects, inspiring doodads/trinkets/dolls and HIDE THEM! (Two of those house guests are ages 2 and 5.) This all leads me to ask, will I break out with hives/zits? Develop mid-life asthma? Have to double-up on meds? We shall see! If only we had a dedicated guest room... Maybe in my next life. (whining)

I don't know if I'll be able to take it, so I've gathered three hand-stitching projects: quilt binding, a yo-yo garland and blanket stitches on quilt circles. Masami might remember the fabrics in this quilt -- she brought them from Osaka for me a zillion years ago. One of the fabrics, red with gold, is a 30 year old Marimekko print.

I'm POSSESSED by Coraline and I haven't even seen the movie yet. This video shows "conceptual knitter" Althea Crome creating costumes. Makes me want to try knitting thread.

Althea Crome

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