February 12, 2009


Coraline is a recently released stop-action movie. Anna Maria Horner mentioned the film on her blog, and all it took was for AMH to write about "up close views of a doll being cut, stitched, stuffed" to make me look further. Sew I rushed out to buy the book which is meant for Ages 8 and up, but what the heck -- I'm 49 and still playing with dolls. More here!

Lasik update: At my 9 month check up, tests revealed 20/20 vision. The doc showed, through temporary glasses, how much more clear my vision could be and offered to fine tune the corrective surgery -- OMG, I could read license plates in the parking lot across the street. Everything was CRISP. However, the surgery would additionally decrease my near-vision (which I need for sewing), so I decided against it. My only wish is to see TV images with crystal-clarity, so I'll get a mild prescription for glasses.

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