February 16, 2009

No Art, Just Crafts

My buddy Anita had these handmade rugs in her house which are thick and comfortable to stand on while at the sink. She told me how simple they were to crochet. A few years ago I made three for our house, one for my Mom and another for Mum-in-Law. Now, this one is for Tien.

Made from four strands of Red Heart yarn and a gigantic crochet hook, these acrylic rugs wash/dry nicely and stay in place with a rubber grip. Starting with 40 chains, I worked row after row of single crochet stitch for about three hours and it is nearly complete. Just need to do a few more rows, then finish the entire outside edge with a final row of single crochet. Hmm, might be really cute with a shell stitch edge (if it weren't for a man).

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