February 6, 2009

Spring Shows 2009

I need a break from art shows. If you've been reading my blog this week, perhaps I sound anxious (ya think?!). Along with two PT jobs, personal projects are piling up with personal deadlines, and my munchkins made sewing requests.

Nancy and I will do one show this Spring (see sidebar) and, maybe another this Summer, but I intend to do my normal round during the holiday season.

If you are local and have needs (lavender pillows anyone?), please write and we'll arrange a get-together.

Ooh, another oldie but goodie! I cut and sewed binding onto my 2003 wedding quilt. It's comprised of 5" fabric squares that our guests signed (in lieu of a traditional guest book), the "Just Married" sign appliqued for our car, and a giant red double happiness Chinese character. Tien watched me as I hand-stitched the edge and said, "Sometimes my wife take a long time to finish things..."

By the way, pencil marks in yesterday's quilt disappeared in the wash, yippee!

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