March 2, 2009

Back From the Near-Dead

So here's the story...

Since last summer I've had two part-time jobs. One has been with a small pharmaceutical company since Fall 1998. When my hours were cut from 20 to 8 hours a week, I took another part-time job. At my new job I provide administrative support to an expert witness on criminal cases. It's pretty interesting work.

For the past two weeks, my life was filled with stress and it seriously lacked sewing. In preparation for our friends coming to stay with us, our house had to be perfect (you know how I am). They visited for five nights (this part wasn't stressful) and now we miss their presence. The pharmaceutical company was moving to smaller quarters and we needed to be out of the old space by the end of the month. At least it was in the same building! With only three of us, it was still a job to categorize/archive documents and get rid of unneeded documents, furniture and office supplies. My job there ended after we got everything moved on Saturday. Lastly, the expert witness received notification from his client that the expected report was due in two days. Worst yet, they hadn't yet sent us any documents to complete the report!

Anyway, all that is behind me now. I only have one job outside of home (for the expert witness) and after sleeping nearly the entire weekend, I got some stitching done today -- the last of the quilted circles are done. Ahh, life will be good again.

Happy birthday, Diane-E-Kins!

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