March 17, 2009

Mildly Motivated to Sew

While continuing to sew Unmotivated Kids, Coppelia kept me company. U-Kids are filled with poly-pellets which makes them feel like beanbags. You know, floppy, lazy, unmotivated... They must be rubbing off on me. I'll ask my munchkins to help sew on their eyes, noses and mouths (buttons).

Maybe you remember mentions in my blog of the uber-talented/creative M2. I wish she lived closer than Texas -- we'd be hanging out all the time, brainstorming and making stuff together. Now you get to see how beautiful she is. She was in Africa recently and took these fabulous photos (posted with M2's permission). You know how I luuvvv animals!

I love the colors of the clothing -- rich and saturated, wow!

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Nancy said...

The U-Kids are so cute, I live them.