March 14, 2009

Quicky Project: Quillows

Munchkin Ryan asked for "one of those blankets that you fold into a pillow." Sez me, "Do you mean a 'quillow?'" Sez he, "What's a quillow?"

The quillows (45"x60") are for my munchkins Ryan, Natalie and Megan. There was enough for an extra little quillow (27"x35", not shown) because the Joann's store clerk cut too much yardage. Using fleece and a wavy rotary cutter, all it took was one seam to attach the pocket. How easy is that? The hardest part was cutting stretchy fleece to the right size. Still, I'm embarassed to admit it took nearly all day.

Natalie is getting to an age where she likes talking with me. We spent more than 30 minutes chatting! She was so excited to know Tien and I will be visiting them in just two weeks, "Oh Auntie, I want to pull you out of the telephone!"

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Tzotsy said...

are you making more? I want one for my munchkinsito