March 13, 2009

Will Work For Food

Did I tell you? I'm training Coppélia to sit. She's getting good at it. All I have to do is put food in front of her. I didn't think cats were trainable, but she has always understood OUT when I'm closing up the sewing room, so I figured she could be trained to SIT. A show at Sea World called "Pets Rule!" with trained cats, dogs, birds and a pig inspired me to try.

Oh joy, this quilt (66"x66") is finally done! This one is a keeper because some of the wonderful Japanese fabrics came from my pal Masami. The appliquéd and painted cherry blossom in the center recalls our Spring 2006 trip to Japan. One of the fabrics, red with gold, is Marimekko from about 1980. The pieced block pattern is called Kanzashi and is from the book East Quilts West by Kumiko Soda (1992). Hey, Wanjoo Kim (you out there somewhere?), do you remember giving me this book for Christmas a million years ago?!

Magellan kept an eye on one of his friends, a lizard in the back garden. It's behind the brick. Can you see it?


Vicki W said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Tzotsy said...

Lauren, I love this quilt! the colors are just beyond beautiful!