April 26, 2009


I have a process to share.

When collaging for the purpose of making tiny pendants, it almost doesn't matter where I start -- cutting them to 1" x 3" makes layout virtually unimportant. Papers were adhered and painted with matte gel medium on a base of an old French novel. I used colored tissue, rubber stamped images on thin paper, German and Olde English printed text, bits from a map, postage stamps, Chinese red envelope, paper remaining from Terri Brush's class...

Pastel chalks and oil sticks were rubbed onto edges, then blended with a Kleenex. Some shimmery gold paint was randomly painted/rubbed in too.

This irridescent lavender fabric paint is really old. I bought it 10+ years ago to paint tees for my cousin's kids. The kids are in college now! I watered it down and used the surface of a button to paint a few dots. I also smeared the paint over the chalk layer. The lavender shimmer is pretty and everything under it shows through.

The pages dried and have been cut to fit under microscope slide glass. Right now they are ready for focal points.

Some of these will be To/From gift cards for my family's Christmas presents. More later!

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Anonymous said...

I have TONS of the bottled fabric paint that is at least 10 years old too!

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