April 25, 2009

Tackling Creativity Fears

One of the tricks to facing fears and the associated negative voices is to take a class. Works for me, anyway. By having to keep up with (1) the lesson and (2) the other students, the demons don't have time to say, "You can't do that" or "You won't like the way it comes out" or "Don't you have chores to do?" Instead, I'm forced to dive in.

Janice and I spent the day with Terri Brush and 10 other students. We collaged in the morning, were served lunch, then learned to solder in the afternoon. When we arrived, Terri and her two assistants had already set the table with supplies and tools, paper ephemeria, trays of paint, rinse water, pastels, soldering irons, class samples and a gift for each of us. They made sure we were well fed with snacks, a nice lunch and coffee/wine. Terri gave excellent demonstrations and instruction, plus she hovered about to make sure we understood what to. Throughout the day, the ladies offered refreshments and guidance.

The pendants are double-sided. One of these pendants is for my Mom -- it's the one with the bird's head and "gardener."

This is the gift from Terri. Why, yes, she made it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Terri will be back sometime to teach her papier mache technique. Bummer, she lives in Washington state. Check out Terri's website and her blog.


Anonymous said...

totally awesome.. love the heart shape. :) HB

robinann41 said...

VERY CUTE pendants, and you JUST TOOK THE CLASS?? I'm very impressed!! COOL!! Fun FUN FUN `:~) Robin

Sarah said...

You're good!

Terri Brush Designs said...

Lauren, it was so fun having you in class! your charms are really GOOD for your first day! I think you found a hidden talent! I look forward to meeting you again! ..